Tips for writing an M Tech thesis

When you want to ace in your M Tech course, you must prepare a thesis that is perfect from all angles. Not just the technical aspects, but the literary and presentation aspects must also be perfected with care. For a student who is specializing in hard core engineering, it can be quite tough to get the language and formatting correct. Here are some tips which will help you get the thesis finished in a hassle free manner:

  • Plan your work: when you are clear about the schedule that you will follow for completion of your project, it will be easier for you to meet the target. Make the schedule in such a way that you reach the conclusion stage at least a month before your presentation is due.
  • Experiment in teams: Try to do your experimentation work with a group of peers, so that in case there is some lapse at any step by one of the team members, the others can carry it on. Leaving any project or experiment mid way will sound disaster bells for your thesis.
  • Make notes: In the thesis, you will need to describe all the steps of your experiment in a detailed and precise manner. You cannot skip steps, as this will arouse doubts in the mind of the examiner. Hence, it is crucial that you make proper notes all along the project. You will have to refer to them while writing the report; so better keep the notes clean and legible.
  • Choose the right literature: The use of literature sources in M Tech thesis is limited. Hence, you have to be very cautious about the resources you are including in the literature review chapter.
  • Write convincingly: An M Tech thesis would mostly talk about some new finding that follows the project or experiment. So, you must write without any ambiguity. Do not give your examiners a chance to question the thesis statement or the findings. When you are confident about the results, your reviewer will believe it too.
  • Follow the format: Remember that you have to follow a certain format that is set by the university. The title, margins, division of sections, numbering of tables and graphs, inclusion of annexure, and presentation of results must all be done as per the prescribed format.
  • Choose your words: Though language is not considered vital by M Tech students, they cannot ignore the vocabulary. Jargons and technical terms have to be used properly and defined in detail.

Follow all these steps for writing a thesis and you shall succeed in your venture.


  1. Mohd Al Bader

    I have been struggling with implementation of an algorithm on Image processing in Matlab and these guys helped a lot. Thank you.

  2. Parveen

    Once I was wondering, while taking each step forward. These experts helped me not only get through my project but also made me feel confident of my work. All the appreciations.

  3. Mandeep

    While I was surfing the internet, this post came to notice. Many thanks for sharing the list of tips.

  4. I never knew my Masters project is going to be such a challenge! I really dont know how to go ahead for implementation. Do you help in this?

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