Service and Process Details

360 Dissertations is an experienced UK dissertation service and thesis consultation providing company in India. The services that we offer enable scholars to complete dissertations in a time-bound and hassle-free manner, in addition to attaining higher scores on evaluation. Our assistance is sure to give a push to our clients in their academic career.

How we serve clients
Our clients mostly belong to India, the Middle East and the UK. However, we assist scholars from across the world. Our team of experts consists of researchers, skilled editors and proofreaders, and professionally trained statisticians. Apart from full-time writers and editors, we also have a vast team of freelance professionals who are all native English experts. Additionally, over 50 subject matter experts (SMEs) and more than 20 PhD statisticians are there to assist our writers and editors.

All the work concerning data analysis is handled by our accomplished statisticians. SMEs make sure that there is no incongruence in the research report, and that it is 100% valid. They check dissertations and theses for terminology use and factual errors, as well as select the best methodology for completing every research task. Our writers keep their focus on developing such dissertations and theses that are free from mistakes of language, format, style, and even the presentation. We aim to work on every project in a manner that provides the content clarity and comprehension.

Processes we follow
Our processes have been designed keeping young scholars in mind. You can request for a quote for your requirements. We guarantee a quick response within 30 minutes during business hours. Since every task is time-bound, we request clients to state the deadline at the time of placing their orders. They must also mention the style of citation and formatting required to be followed for their dissertations. Giving us clear guidelines will ensure that the work is done promptly and precisely. Our quotation providing process is smooth and hassle free.

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