Many students believe that a simple graduation is not enough to give them an edge in the marketplace. They feel that a Masters degree or a doctorate would put them on the path of their aspirations and ambitions. But before they can enter the hallowed corridors of a renowned academic institution, they need to prove that they belong there. And the best way of proving their credentials is to write a great essay.

Applicants to the MBA program in the London School of Business need to write application essays that describe what they plan to do once they graduate; what value would they add to the school, what is their responsibility to the school and what is the school’s responsibility towards them. The applicants are expected to write in excess of 1200 words when they preparing these essays. And if the reviewers are sufficiently impressed with the quality of the essays, they would recommend that the candidate be considered for the MBA program.

However, the task of writing succinct and comprehensive essays does not end with the student crossing the threshold of these famed institutions. They would have to write essays continuously over the duration of their time spent in the course. After all, there is no better way for the professor to judge if what is taught in class is being absorbed by the student or not. A Masters level essay is judged on many different parameters. Language is one of them. The student needs to display a level of vocabulary, grammar and style in his writing that is expected of someone who has successfully cleared various stages of the academic system to reach this level. While describing technical aspects the student would need to use the right words and the correct jargon that is considered appropriate in his field of study.

The student would also need to display a keen understanding of the subject. His or her comprehension of the subject invariably becomes obvious while explaining intricate points in the course. Students in the Masters program are judged on their performance throughout the course. They lose marks if they fail to write an essay with the adequate level of skill. Professors read these essays and recommend solutions if they find that a student is falling behind. Lots of preparation in the form of extensive research, constant improvisation of language skills and making notes is vital for producing a brilliant essay.



  1. Karan Mishra

    Yes, UK assignments are not easy to get completed. I faced lot of difficult last year while attempting research methods and operations assignments. Take help whenever required.

  2. I went through a cumbersome process while preparing UK assignments, however, when I later took help from the experts, I felt quite relieved and satisfied with the work.

  3. As known, essays are one of the evidence for evaluation.This has made it all the more difficult to prepare perfect essays which can get me high grades. Is there any assistance that you can provide me!

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