Language plays an important role in any dissertations and the only thing that matters is the criteria set by the universities. While some universities follow British English some universities might follow American English. Students often get confused on using the formats of English language as they come from different regions of the world. Every university lays down its own set of criteria for preparing a dissertation. But as students from different regions study at various places, the problem of language arises here. Students might not be easily get the work done especially if they from one region and writing their report in another regions format. In order to overcome these problem students has to approach a proofreader and an editor who can help them in clarifying things and make it easy to prepare a report in the prescribed format by the university.


An editor and proofreader with experience on local language format can help the students. First students need to put down their ideas in the format which ever they feel comfortable and later get it proofread by an expert or a professionally. Instead of spending time on language students must concentrate on the big idea and make the picture clear. The next important task of editing and proofreading will take care of the preferred language. Although the two languages are similar there can be small or minor differences which can be spotted by experts. Alternatives, students can also set their preferences on the word documents or even use some simple software tools to overcome this problem. However approaching an editor cum proof reader is always recommended. With so many numerous formats of languages it is always better to stick to the guidelines and take the help of experienced people rather than blindly going forward.


  1. No matter how much we are vivid in our research, words and grammatical errors might make it not a pleasing project and also lead to rejection. I faced this literally when received first comments from my supervisor and thus had to seek help from a proofreader. I feel now thankful to proofreaders who helped me get approval!

  2. I am an Indian student, however, studying in UK. I have to follow British format for my Dissertation, but i have done my Graduation from India and i am not so good at preparing report as per UK format.

  3. While you are in the writing process, it is obvious that you tend to make mistakes in the language. However, refined language and format should be taken into consideration before you go for final submission. It is suitable if you can make your peers and friends read the document and take their feedback. If there is difference in the understanding, you can make out that there is a need of proofreading. I am an professor and I have been suggesting students on this.

  4. Thanks for the post. This makes clear that we can certainly rely on an editor who can check the report before we take it forward for submission.
    It seems to be actually a good idea and I can even show it to my seniors or peers who are from same field and get first hand feedback from them.

    Thanks for suggesting. Will be helpful.

  5. It is a great trouble when Dissertation is not accepted just because of poor language. My peer group supported me as one them works as a Editor. I am thankful to him for the same. I think professional help for scholars for editing is very good step and very necessary.

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