Getting high grades in college is tough; all the more so when you are doing a course from a college in UK. The standards for research assignments are high in UK and the grades are stringent. Few students are able to pass the course in the first attempt. However, your difficulties can be reduced by following these tips:

  • Get to know the guidelines prescribed by the college for authors. When you know them clearly, only then you will be able to follow them.
  • Select your research guide with care. Choose someone who is interested in your project and will be able to devote time for mentoring.
  • Try to learn the academic language and style that is acceptable in UK colleges. If you are a non-native student, this is going to be a challenge for you.
  • Learn about the statistical software that you need to use. All research work will involve some degree of statistical analysis. Accurately applying the tests will enhance your chances of getting high scores.
  • Be original and stay away from plagiarism at all cost. If there are any traces of duplicated content in your project, your work will be not even considered for marking. Write an original dissertation.

If you are careful enough at all steps, like choosing the topic and identifying the resources, you will be able to score well. For any assistance, at any stage of research, we are there to help you. So do not hesitate in sending us your queries.


  1. Mitali Shanmugham

    Thank you for sharing this information on UK Dissertation. I have just started on with the proposal for my dissertation and hopefully will benefit it my journey.

  2. Abhinav

    I guess these tips are really going to help me. I am going through a crucial time in my dissertation, thanks for sharing such a post.

  3. Pradeep Kumar

    I was going through a real tough time preparing my dissertation, when these guys helped me. Really appreciate the co-operation.

  4. Niharika

    Well, even after following these tips, it is difficult to work on the assignments. As my writing skills not good. I definitely need a help.

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