Challenges of Documenting Technical Research Work

Scholars who are working on a research project in a scientific field or a financial field are required to accumulate enormous volumes of technical data to give credence to their hypothesis. This technical research has to be documented accurately. It has to be analysed and written in a manner that would be within the realm of understanding of anyone who reads it, even a layman, and not just peers in his field of study. The methodology followed in accumulating this data and the techniques used in interpreting it has to be clarified in a manner that leaves no room for allegations of plagiarism or charges of imprecision.

It is easy for a scholar to prepare the technical documentation like a lab report. In the lab the researchers are asked a specific set of questions for which they are required to give textbook style answers. But that is an inaccurate method of preparing a technical paper. Dissertations, thesis and even essay papers have their own format, which the scholar is required to adhere to. Technical writing should be in harmony with the general flow that the report is prepared in. The scholar should create the abstract in the beginning of the report that explains the reasons for the research; write his data and the interpretations that he observed and finally deliver his conclusions and how that data supports those conclusions.

Another challenge that the researcher faces is following a way of writing that is excessively procedural. He might use words, language and jargon that could confound even his peers. That is the reason language needs to be kept relatively uncomplicated. However, accuracy and usage of exact scientific terminology should not be sacrificed at the altar of simplicity.

Technical research invariably deals with precision. Its role is meant to be one of deriving precise answers to specific questions that the researcher is posing in the beginning of his research. It deals with procedures, equipment, numbers, statistics, graphs, tables, charts and percentages. These have to be properly explained in the format which the educational institution subscribes to. One of the mistakes that many scholars succumb to is the temptation to deal in approximations. Technical research deals in certainties. If any assumptions have been made in data collection or interpretation then those assumptions have to be clarified to the readers. The other challenge that the researcher has to face is to lay all the facts bare in his report and not leave any aspect out.



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