Help for UK Dissertation and Proposal Editing and Review

360 Dissertations offers dedicated services for research scholars pursuing Master’s degrees from the colleges in UK. All UK colleges have strict guidelines for the completion of dissertations, and students have to follow the same perfectly to attain a degree. Hence, there is a need for professional mentoring while completing UK dissertations. At 360 Dissertations, our consultants make sure that they offer such required help for UK dissertation and proposal when you need it most.

Our support services not only save your precious time, but also help you develop original and authentic work that stands out and highlights your study’s contributions. Our mentors give you such tips and tricks that make you write clearly, concisely, and strongly. A well-written UK dissertation or proposal is the most useful tool to impress your faculty.

When you opt for our help for UK dissertation and proposal, we usually follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Assisting with the selection of the title and research methodology
  • Guiding towards the selection of a sample group, data collection method, and data analysis technique
  • Helping you with editing and reviewing the dissertation abstract, introduction, literature review, and research methods sections in a proposal
  • Consulting with data analysis and results interpretation
  • Formatting and citation style checking for dissertations
  • Making you develop a well-readable and well-presentable dissertation that includes chapters with all meaningful and linguistically flawless content

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have answered for your convenience:

What style of formatting/citation do we follow?
For UK dissertations, we follow the Harvard style of formatting, unless some other style is specified by the client.

Do we guarantee accurate editing?
Yes, our editors ensure that you get a grammatically correct document after review and editing.

Who will help you with the dissertation?
There will be a dedicated team formed for dissertation editing. This team shall have editor and statisticians to help you complete your dissertation.

Is data analysis a part of writing dissertations?
Data analysis is usually offered as a part of UK dissertation service package. We use tools like SPSS, SAS, STATA, Eviews, and AMOS for conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses for a wide range of academic subjects.

Do we offer support for topic selection and proposal development?
Yes, we do provide mentoring for topic selection. We have a list of unique topics with wide scope of research and suggest a topic to you that is in line with your interests and expertise. Proposal development, usually referred to as research methods assignment, is also dealt with.

Is it possible to get chapter-wise support?
All chapters for your dissertation will be edited in a step-by-step manner. In case you want assistance for a specific chapter, just email us the details for the same, along with any supporting documents.

If you have any more queries or wish to know about our pricing structure and processes, please send us an email at or call us at +91-120-4156261.