PhD Thesis Consultation

An in-depth PhD thesis lays a strong foundation for academic success while creating opportunities for a brighter career. At 360 Dissertations, we recognise the importance of PhD research work and offer a plethora of services to assist scholars with it. The best part is that these services cover both PhD dissertations for US students and PhD theses for candidates in India and the UK.

Our services are not limited to only editing of your doctoral thesis, but also include support at every step of your research and thesis development. Our consulting services start right from the selection of a good and interesting topic for your thesis and end at offering support towards the publishing of your research work. Our aim is to help every student excel at research, since they have been investing a lot of hard work in their PhD dissertations and theses.

Here is a glimpse of the variety of services provided under this category:

  • Topic Consultation: Choosing a worthy topic is the first step towards creating a meaningful research report. We help clients by suggesting them the most current and unique topics. Consult our team for topics that provide opportunity for original and innovative research. You may rely on our services, since we help you choose only such topics that have a wide scope for your academic area, as well as your future career.
  • Proposal Help: Your research proposal is the framework of your thesis or dissertation. We help to plan and edit proposals as per the required format and style. All aspects of a proposal are included in the service, and clients are also provided mentoring for presenting the proposal. We focus on developing such proposals for you that project your research capabilities to the best.
  • Methodology Consultation: Before starting a research project, one has to decide on the methodology to be followed, as per the topic selected and the goals of research. Our mentors will help you understand the technicalities of various methodologies and select the most appropriate one.
  • Research Design Support: While preparing the research design, our assistance will guide you to take better decisions. The methods for data collection and analysis, the resources for review, the sample size, and the method for presenting results will have to be specified in the research design. We make sure that you do not falter at any step.
  • Editing Assistance: We also have in place an editorial team that is experienced and adept at using various styles of formatting like APA, MLA, Harvard, ACS, AP, etc. They ensure the use of apt academic language, as well as perfect grammar and structure in your research documents. Our editors target to make your dissertations and theses well organised, readable, and meaningful. Reach us for a flawless and smooth PhD research report.
  • Statistics Help: Our strong team of PhD statisticians ensures that you are thorough with the statistical tools you use and do not commit any error. We guarantee correct results and help with data entry, selection and application of analytical tools, as well as the interpretation of results. If you need help with the use of some specific statistical software recommended by your institution, then our professional statisticians can effectively take care of your custom requirements.
  • Peer Review Support: All PhD theses and dissertations need to be peer-reviewed to judge the authenticity and usefulness of the content. Our professional peer reviewers give unbiased feedback and advise scholars on the ways to improve their projects. They judge it from the point of view of relevance and accuracy. Thus, getting your documents peer-reviewed can help in immediate approvals, as well as making your work publish-ready.

To learn more about our services, the processes we follow, and the pricing for any service, simply send an email at You may also directly request for a quote for all our services.