Every research candidate dreams of completing the research report before the deadline; but few can achieve this target. It is a scary situation to have completed your courses, but still awaiting the master’s degree because you have not yet furnished your dissertation. However hard you try, there are some obstacles that can delay the report. And if you are able to write the report on time and submit it, there is a high probability that reviewers will find some weak point and return the report.

The risk of facing such troubles is greater when you are working alone. So, a critical step that you can take towards boosting your chances of success is forming a group of likeminded scholars and working as a team. Of course you will be expected to work in an independent manner on your thesis; but you can definitely get some guidance and friendly advice from peers. Through networking you will get leverage, which will help to pull up your efforts. Here are a few tips on how to attain exponential research growth through networking and team work:

• Form a group or panel of scholars who are working on their dissertations, preferably from the same or related domain
• Ask all members to share their ideas. However, first ensure that there are no duplicate topics, or risk of ideas getting stolen.
• All members can practice presenting or defending the dissertation with the group. In this way, they will be able to face probable queries before actually facing the review committee.
• Discuss the common problems that all scholars might be facing. There may be problem with the attitude of committee or supervisors, or lack of resources in the library or lab, etc. Tackling such problems as a group will enhance your chances of getting them resolved.
• Encourage feedback and ask for suggestions from other scholars. Their inputs may lead to a better research report.
• You can even share tasks. For instance, mechanized entry of data can be done by one person for the group members or someone can go through the reports and help in editing them.

Lastly, being with likeminded people will definitely lighten the pressure that you face while working on a lengthy dissertation. As a group, you can share some casual discussions and enjoy the scholarly journey.


  1. I have a question in mind after reading this post. Is this feasible really for a Master’s level research and moreover, is it acceptable by Universities that more than 1 person be involved in developing one research report! I am MBA finance student and till yet, not getting much support from my Guide. If this is really feasible I will definitely consult my peer group now. Thanks for the post.

    • Peer support help you get more clarity, when a person from same domain reviews your thesis and provides you more ideas, you can get extreme clarity in the research. One must go for peer review so as to leave no room for major modifications at later stage.

  2. When I was preparing my thesis, I was worried whether it will actually convey my research work aptly or not and that is the time I needed support from someone who is from similar background and could help in review. However, I had to take assistance from an expert who professionally does this. I must say I was more than satisfied and I believe that every student should go with this process before submission.

  3. Infact I thought of getting it reviewed from my peers, but I need someone proficient an d good in academic writing. I need an external help for my thesis. Do you have any expert?

  4. I like this idea of networking but it is difficult to trust on the peers when it comes to thesis work. Also it can lead to duplicacy of ideas. Can you provide me online expert support who can guide me in effective thesis writing?

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