The number of international students pursuing PhD have been rising each year in esteemed universities of different nations. With a dream in their eyes to get a doctorate degree, these students come to new nations. However, the kind of challenges they face here are not known to everyone. One such bottleneck is to combat the language barrier.

The biggest challenge for these students after getting into new country is to understand new language, both in universities and at work as well! Hence a student should know how to communicate effectively in any one language which is being spoken there. So lets read a few points which make you aware of the right learning tips to feel comfortable in a new nation:

 1. Attend a language class
The first and the foremost task at this stage for you is to learn the new language, so that you feel a part and parcel for this country.

2. Be polite to other students and ask for help
If you feel that you cant understand any line or phrase, ask for help from other students. Be polite in your endeavour and you will see a help pouring in for you.

3. Download new apps which help to translate languages
You need to be tech-savvy and should know how to translate notes etc in the language you require. This will ease the process for you to understand new things.

4. Be with your peer group and interact in new language.
This will help in finding a right kind of environment for learning. Also you will get a helping hand from your friends as they can clarify your language-related doubts.

5. Be confident and use your body language to express your ideas
Never feel diffident if you don’t have the basic language of a local language there. Use your body language and let the people around know that you are undertaking new language classes.

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  1. I was little hesitant in going abroad to pursue PhD due to language barriers. I found these tips very useful and joined Russian classes to learn the language

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